South India Tours : Spelendor of South India

South India is the ideal honeymoon destination in India. Kerala, with its romantic backwaters, sinuous lagoons, palm-lined beaches, Ayurvedic spas and tea plantations stretching out to the horizon, is the epitome of beauty. Goa, with its pristine beaches and party lifestyle, is the go-to place to rejuvenate oneself. Karnataka is a behemoth of heritage, while Tamil Nadu is the cultural headquarters of South India. South India Trip cannot be complete without some deep sea diving and snorkelling in the waters off the coast of Andaman Islands. So what are you waiting for?

I can help you create your dream South India holiday, whether a family trip or a romantic escapade, to the magnificent region of South India.

South India

Travel to India and open the doors to the sultry soul of India. South India is the southern part of the peninsula, with the west coast melting into the Arabian Sea, the east coast giving way to the Bay of Bengal and the tip of southern India lying off the coast of the Indian Ocean. Boasting more than 4,500 miles of coastline, South India is a vision of white sand beaches, azure seas, languid backwaters, lagoons, and lush greenery.

A south Indian travel experience can take you from the sun kissed golden beaches and parties of Goa to the lush green tea terraces of the Nilgiri Hills. A traveller can enjoy world-class snorkeling and deep sea diving off the coast of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Travelling to South India cannot be complete without a sojourn to God’s Own Country, Kerala. Dotted with lush tea plantations, sensual backwaters and lagoons, hill stations, pristine beaches lined with palm trees and Ayurvedic massage spas, Kerala is the jewel of the South. Your trip can include romance onboard a lazy houseboat through the backwaters of Kerala. On your holidays, sample mouth-watering seafood and shop for some of the best silk fabrics in Tamil Nadu. Karnataka is blessed with ancient sculptured temples, hill ranges, vast forests and beaches. Once you have traveled to this part of the world, you will never forget it.

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Nightlife in Tashkent

It is the city of the many beautiful places to visit, parks, gardens, monuments, green sidewalks and a relatively pollution free environment places. But tourism Tashkent seems to have set its sights elsewhere. A foul-mouthed average Russian taxi drivers and other medium to long-bearded old men in their displayable chapans. For a Muslim-majority state, Tashkent seems to have set his sights quite far from being increasingly more popularly known as the "Thailand Middle East." A Muslim state and sex tourism, two sentences seemed impossible to match together.

Nightlife in Tashkent is quite unexpected and still very young; which has been considered the best nightlife in the Muslim world. Dance bars and nightclubs of massage are the norm here. The city boasts some of the best bars in belly dancing, glamorous and elegant. Belly is actually quite a subtle and exotic art that has taken slowly in scintillating form and vulgar in popular culture. And Tashkent is only adding to that image. Maybe it's just waking up to the demands of a growing population of foreign tourists.

The massage parlors and saunas are another story. Operating late hours and are quite open about their services. Russian girls are very popular for their beauty across the globe, and you'll find plenty in Tashkent. There are a number of what they call "villas" on the outskirts of the city that serve as security centers. Unlike Thailand, the legal limits of this ACTIVY are not clearly demarcated and you might just land yourself in a hot tub. Ultimately, it will be impossible for a night on the town without at least a couple of propositions paid for the pleasures of the flesh. In all likelihood, the first thing your taxi driver asks probably has nothing to do with where you want to take.

There are so many other things to do in Tashkent Nightlife trip, I suggest ditching the nightlife. By all means, enjoy a good belly or two, just to know where to draw the line. There are plenty of green spaces, a disorder of interesting museums and hiking, rafting and skiing in very accessible Ugam-Chatkal National Park.